My first motorcycle 1982 Honda CX 500 Custom

The year was 1985 and I had just gotten my student loan money for going to college and had a few dollars left over.  I knew exactly what I wanted, It was  going to be something fast and have 2 wheels. My parents had swore to me that I would never have a motorcycle as long as I lived under their roof.  Even though my dad had several motorcycles over the years and was currently riding a nice harley davidson sportster xlh 1000.

So out I went in search of my first 2 wheeled girl friend and it wasn’t long before we found that a friend of a friends dad had a bike that had been sitting for a few years. He had dropped it and was afraid to get back on it. But he was willing to sell it.  So I gathered up my cash and took off to the friends dads house, not even know what kind of bike it was or how bad it was wrecked. All I knew was that I was ready to ride. We arrived and the dad took me out back to the garage and he opened the door and in the back under a cover was a motorcycle. He took the cover off and it was love at first sight.  It was a 1982 honda cx500 custom.  I was in awe of the vtwin engine, sticking way out on each side of the bike, the shaft drive was a bonus  I was sure it had to be fast.

Looking her over closely I couldn’t believe she was hardly damaged at all.  A scratched muffler, a broken lever, a cracked turn signal and the best art of all she only had around 900 miles on her, hardly even broken in.  The next 30 minutes was a blur me talking about my love of motorcycles and my hopes of buying my first bike, even though my parents forbid it.  All that was left was settling on a price. I had told him I only had 500 dollars to spend and I was sure he wanted much more for the motorcycle.  He must have took pity on me or had a soft spot of a 18 year old kid and his first bike. He sold it to me for $300. So that I would have some money left over to repair the few battle scars.

We quickly loaded up the girl and took her to my house. Knowing what my parents had told me I wasn’t sure if I would have a place to sleep that night or not. We arrived at my home and luck was still with me, both of my parents were not home. I came up with a quick plan of attack to convince my parents that me and my ride could stay. I took the motorcycle into the house and set it up in the living room right where no one could miss it.  I then waited patiently for my parents to arrive. They soon pulled up and I waited to go inside the house with them. My mom opened the door and went in the house then my dad. They both started laughing at the bike sitting in the middle of the living room. It was some sight to see, it is not very often a motorcycle is parked in the middle of the family living room.  They quickly realized I was getting a motorcycle and there was nothing that was going to stop me.  I rode that honda cx500 for 2 years and put more than 40000 miles on her. Top speed was around 98 miles a hour and that was down hill with the wind at my back. You always remember your first love and your first motorcycle.     Tell us about your first motorcycle in the comments.



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  • Leonard Avery

    My two preteen boys were begging me for a motorcycle, cause their neighbor’s boy had one. I said NO! as far as I was concerned they were the most dangerous things on wheels. A few days later the boys brought me a newspaper at for a free Motorcycle safety course at the old air port. And they wanted to take the course. WELLL I got to thinking, they probably are going to ride the neighbor boys bike any way and it would be better if they actually knew what they were doing, so I agreed. when we got there the lady that was registrating everyone asked me if I would like to sign up too. I laughed and told her I was too old to learn how to ride a bike. She pointed to a guy down at the end of the table that was filling out the forms and said, “Well that fellow doesn’t think he is too old. (the guy had to be close to 100 yrs old) So rather be shamed in front of my son’s I signed up.. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the class door opened and a cute lady came in and anounced that she was the instructor.  HA.. I thought. This out to be good. Well after the class was over and we had done riding time on the demo motor cycles I has to swallow my pride and admit that the lady was damn good a teaching and riding. So bought a nice small bike for my sons. Then the word got around that we had a motor cycle and one of my friends owned a motorcycle store. He gave me a call at work and told me to drop by. I told him, NO I am not going to buy another motorcycle. But I dropped by when he said he wanted to show me a new shotgun he just too in trade. Sure enough he had to take me to the show room and show me a nice little Yamaha 200 electric. A little small I thought but maybe it would save some gas from my big truck. The next thing I knew he was helping me load it in the back of my big van. And I hadn’t even asked him how much he wanted for it. Well he rubbed his chin for a while, the guy that bought it thought it was too small so he brought it back and traded it in on a bigger one and threw in that shot gun on the deal. So I really got it cheap. How about $300. I haven’t got that much. Well how much hav you got. I am broke until payday, I answered. Ahh you are not, give me your wallet. And I found myself handing him my wallet. He opened it and said “AHAA you got a dollar bill in here, that is your down payment, bring me some more when you get it.  So there I was, “A biker” That little bike lasted me for about 5 years before someone drove a truck over it. (I wasn’t on it.) I went up to a 500 Yamaha and then to a 750 Honda and that was 8 motorcycle ago. Now I have a Suzuki V800 Intruder and it has gone around the USA with me several times. I am also looking for some parts for the Suzuki, all the switches and housing for the right handle bar. (start switch and kill switch. ) if you have a used one in good condition

    • motorcycleppf

      Thank you for the story, we really appreciate it. Thank goodness you weren’t on the #motorcycle too! Or you would’ve been a pancake!!! Keep riding!