motorcycles and labor day weekend!

Labor day weekend. The End of Summer.  The last big long weekend ride on our motorcycles up to the mountains or down to the beach.   Then to  race down the fast side of Palomar mountain. The kicking barbeque with friends and family.  The time of the year when the new motorcycles from Honda and suzuki and Harley-Davidson come out.  Its that time of year again.

So enjoy the last minutes of summer and take your motorcycles for that last summer cruise.  It wont be long before fall comes and we have to take out the leather jackets and the chaps.  time to put on the gloves and a extra shirt. It wont be long before it will time to put the motorcycle away for the winter. Time to start thinking about winterizing the motorcycle.  Make your check list for parking her. Drain the carburetors.  check the engine oil and oil filter.  Time to decide if you need those new motorcycle tires. maybe it is time for some new custom rims from or maybe a nice new custom paint job on the old HD sportster.

So enjoy that last days of summer. Another season is coming to a end and it is time to make the most of the end of summer.   Then on tuesday it is time to start planning for next summer and to think of all the miles we will travel and the roads we will see.   Soon enough a new summer will be here.




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