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motorcycle parts

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So your new honda motorcycle has broke down, and you need some new motorcycle parts for it. What are you going to do. You could go to a online auction and take your chances buying a used motorcycle part from some guy out of his garage. usually not to good of a idea. but can work if you are careful. Or you could get on the internet and find some motorcycle parts from small mom and pop motorcycle salvage yards. This is probably one of the easiest ways to locate good quality parts for your machine. But there is still can be difficulties  if you dont use some common sense to buying parts from people that you haven’t even seen before. You can even use a motorcycle parts hotline. The best one I found is They have about 125 yards on their network.  Just run the request once a week till a yard answers up on the request.

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There are lots of motorcycle salvage yards on the internet. The best way to find a good one is to spend some time checking them out. You want to do this even before you call them. Check out their web pages. has it been updated lately? Does it still show bikes from 2001 on it?  Is the web page even up to date and working on your computer. If a company hasn’t even bothered to update their web site. It is a good bet they dont spend a lot of time paying attention to details.  The next thing you want to do is give them a call. Do they answer the phone quick? Are they friendly? Some of these guys are grumpy old men and dont really care to sell any parts. I would pass those places right by.

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Finally you need to ask them about your motorcycle and what part you need. Then listen to what they say. It should be more than a yes or no. They should ask questions. The help you get the correct part. They should be semi knowledgeable about your motorcycle. At least know the motorcycle. They should be able to answer almost any question on your motorcycle or at least know where to look to find the answer. There are lots of motorcycle salvage yards online. One of the biggest is gotusedmotorcycleparts. It is a online operation and works with a actual physical shop in california. They seem to have a large selection on parts on hand. And also help sponsor this blog.  Which means they do benfit from the plug I just gave them. Still they are a good place to go to get what you need for your bike.  But still do what I said . Check them out. Question them. Put them through the ropes. They will deliver .




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  • thomas dobias

    say if i wanted to restore a classic 1966-67 harely davidson
    bobber choper cycle all need to do find a motor cycle
    salvage yard and ask the ower of the yard
    the price.