motorcycle gloves that control your ipod

motorcycle gloves

wouldn’t be nice  to be able to answer your cell phone while you are ridding your motorcycle? wouldn’t it be nice to not have to stop your motorcycle and take off your gloves and get out your cell phone and press the answer button. Well a couple of guys have invented motorcycle gloves that will let you control via blue tooth any device. Just using your fingers on your motorcycle gloves you will be able to answer your phone or control your tunes on your ipod. or heck anything else that will accept a blue tooth signal. The new gloves have a  integrated blue tooth system that allows you to control your audio and communication devices, it also will allow you to control your smart phones, using buttons built into the gloves

motorcycle gloves

Right now the guys (blue infusion technolgy) who designed these gloves of the future are looking to get some start up capital. They need it to start production of the new gloves.  You can go to kickstarter and invest in these cool gloves. By investing you will be one of the first to receive these awesome gloves. The first production run will hopefully be done in early 2013.  For as little as $150 you can invest in the future of motorcycle gloves and receive the first run of the gloves.

motorcycle glove

The new BearTek  will work with all newer Iphones and android phones. Or any modern bluetooth sound system.  I know I cant wait to be riding my motorcycle down the freeway and be able to answer the phone. The future is here and its inventors like the guys at blue fusion that are makes riding our motorcycles more fun all the time.   What else would you want to control with your gloves? Send these guys a email and maybe they can build it for you.

motorcycle glove bluetooth






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