motorcycle ads from the past!

harley davidson camel

So looking back thru some of my  old motorcycle magazines I saw a bunch of vintage motorcycle ads. I figured it would be pretty awesome to scan a few of these “blasts from the past” and share them with everyone.  The first is a classic cigarette motorcycle ad featuring a classic harley davidson with a side car. Its made to look like a world war 2 harley from the beaches from Normandy. Makes you want to jump in the side car and smoke a few nazi’s.

shoei helmets

The next motorcycle ad is for the latest and greatest shoei helmet. The best that 1980 has to offer. The first glow in the dark motorcycle helmet.  just kidding. I think this helmet was based on the ones that nasa used to get the first men to the moon.  The best thing about this helmet is that it came in four other colors.  of course all four colors were florescent.

yamaha seca motorcycle

Space invaders anyone?  LOL What was yamaha thinking? I guess they were trying to get on the space invaders bandwagon. I don’t think they made it. yamaha was very proud of the advanced motorcycle gauges.  of course leave them out in the sun for a few years and you wont be able to read a single line on those LCD gauges.  But you got to give them a A for effort. These were some of the first modern gauges with a electronic tachometer.

jardine headers

The next is for a aftermarket exhaust company. Jardine! bragging to the world they have MEGA PIPES.  The biggest and baddest motorcycle exhaust pipes on the planet. You have got to love that close up of the product.  You know you would have had to have your own MEGA PIPES. No woman in her right mind. Would ever say no to a ride on a motorcycle if they have MEGA PIPES!

harley davidson

Now we have a issue of cycle world. They spent a lot of money drawing up what they felt was the perfect harley davidson. To me it looks like they tried to combine a cb750 and harley davidson sportster. To make a frankenbike! I do really like how they made the right side exhaust go right thru the carburetor should be. But I guess if your dreaming, anything is possible.

motorcycle ads

The last motorcycle ad is a 1 page ad for all kinds of aftermarket motorcycle parts. Anything you could possibly want for your ride. you would find it here.  This one sheet is like the internet of the past. you would find your page and look at all the cool stuff you wanted to buy. of course back then you had to wait a month to get the next page with all the ads on it.  but it was still a great time. Looking at all the motorcycle accessories we wanted and would some day save up to buy!

yamaha motorcycle

It is always fun to look back at motorcycle ads from the past and see how we used to do things.  Somethings change and something stay the same. One thing that never changes is the love of our motorcycles!



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