lightning worlds fastest electric motorcycle


In the racing world of electric motorcycles, Lighting rules the track.  We have all heard of zero motorcycles and brammo motorcycles. Both companies produce great electric motorcycles.  Now Lightning has decided to get into the electric motorcycle. They are producing a new electric bike for street use. The kick is they are basing it off the race winning model they use on the track.  The motorcycle they plan to produce will use most of the same technology as the race version.  This should make it the fastest electric motorcycle ever produced for the street.

The motorcycle will come with either a  12kw battery pack that is used in the race version of the bike or a 14kw battery pack.  They are currently testing a 22kw battery for the truly insane customers who want to launch the motorcycle into space.   The motorcycle will also utilize a level 2 charging station that can recharge the batteries in 2 hours or up to 8 hours if you are using a regular 110volt source.  The battery is a LiPo battery. Which means you should be able to drive your lightning motorcycle up to 100 miles between charges. Of course that depends on how hard you are riding her.

The battery and the electric motor will be used as part of the frame to save weight and increase the efficiency of the motorcycle.  The motor that drives the motorcycle is the same motor that GM uses in its GMC tahoe trucks.  There is also a solar panel charging kit you can buy from Lightning to charge your motorcycle. This is for the customer that truly wants that green motorcycle but still wants to have the fastest motorcycle out there.  The future of motorcycles is coming faster every day.  The GSXR’s and the CBR  need to start looking out. There is a new motorcycle on the street and if they are not careful they will be passed up.



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