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motorcycle mobile app

OMG, your buddy just got ran off the road on his new 2013 harley davidson street bob.  The person in the cage is trying to get away and you need something to right down all the info. Like the drivers license plate  and the current location and  maybe get a picture of the skid marks. Well  The Law Tigers has released a free app to help you with collecting all the important info at the scene of the  crash. This will help you and Law enforcement to determine who is at fault. This information will also help in case you need to go to court. This will really help your team at the Law Tigers to better help you out in this time of crisis.

law tigers motorcycle mobile app


The Law Tigers Americas motorcycle lawyers have created a mobile app to help you in case you or your friends are ever in a motorcycle accident.  The free app is available for the android phones or the iphone or ipad.  The app will help you collect and store the info from the accident. Like photos taken at the accident. The GPS location of the accident.  It lets you submit the information about the vehicles and types of vehicles involved in the accident.  It has a one click local emergency services like local police and ambulance services. It also has one click locations of local towing and repair facilities.  there is even a video capture feature that will store the info for the lawyers to go over.

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The Law tigers are providing this app free of charge to help the motorcycle community. This app is a nice thing to have when bad things happen. It is better to have it and not need it. Then to need it and not have it.  So if you ever need help you can go to the Law Tigers. They specialize in helping motorcyclist.



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