The King of Touring 2013 honda gold wing 1800

1975 honda goldwing

Honda gold wing. The world leader of touring motorcycles. The standard that all touring bikes are compared against.  The King! Many motorcycles have tried to measure up.  The suzuki cavalcade, The yamaha Venture Royal. The Kawasaki Voyager 1200. All have come before the king and all have been found wanting. Sure they are all great touring motorcycles. Sure some of them are faster. Some of them handle better. Heck some even just look better. But none of them will ever dethrone the king. The Honda gold wing has rules the touring roost for over 35 years.  So you would think honda would be putting a new model out for 2013.  You would be wrong. Honda knows when it has achieved perfection.  So we have at least a couple of more years of the current model goldwing.

2013 honda goldwing


Not much has changed for the 2013 model year. The model is just a carry over from the 2012 model. That was a carry over from the 2011. The 2013 model has updated the electronics with a built in MP3/ipod  connections. They have also upgrades the stereo system with a surround sound system. The new system really ups the stereo capabilities.  You can still get the optional air bag system. A first for a motorcycle. You can also upgrade the brake system with full ABS braking system. Highly recommend due to the size of the motorcycle. They have also added a couple of new colors this year.  A new silver metallic and new blue metallic.

2013 honda goldwing

The honda goldwing, A motorcycle icon. Very few models last 10 years. almost none last over 30.  The motorcycle that was built to kick the Kawasaki z-1 but in a drag race morphed into the best touring motorcycle of all time.  Honda knows it is sitting on a goldmine and the plan to mine this bike till there is nothing left.  The current model debuted in 2001. It has been 12 years. But when you got a winner. you got to ride it.  So if you want to own the king of touring bikes.  Honda has one for you! The 2013 honda goldwing 1800.


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