Kid Rock and harley davidson!

harley davidson and kid rock

Kid Rock and Harley Davidson.

A match made in America. Harley Davidson has decided to sponsor the Kid rock rebel soul tour. the tour kicked off on feb 2 and will go thru aug 31, 2013. When he will be performing for the 110th year anniversary bash in Milwaukee.  Harley has a special fan experience that will be at all 60 rebel soul events. harley has also included a bunch of retail promotion events so you can get your own rebel soul/harley davidson gear.

kid rock harley davidson rebel soul tour

Rocking on Stage with Kid Rock

The best part of this promotion is you can enter to win a chance to be part of the band and win a special 110th anniversary Hd-1 street bob. yep if you enter here at You can go and hang out with kid rock on stage at the biggest celebration for the 110th year anniversary. You will also get a special one of a kind 110th  street bob motorcycle. This motorcycle will be customized by harley for the 110th. they will also be flying you out there and putting you up in a nice hotel. What more could any biker ask for? Well at every stop on the tour one lucky concert goer can win a chance to come on stage during the show. All you have to do is find the harley davidson booth at the show and sign up. That could be you up there on stage jammin with kid rock.

rebel soul tour harley davidson

I cant hear you over the rumble of my freedom!

Some things are meant to go together.  Freedom is what riding our motorcycles is all about. It is the rebel spirit in all who ride motorcycles. It is what kid rock sings and raps about. There may be two brands that fit together better than kid rock and harley, but I doubt it. So take some time and check out the tour schedule and take a chance and go see the show.

harley davidson and kid rock rebel soul tour


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