keanu reeves and arch motorcycles

arch custom motorcyclce

Like Whoa!  The one ( keanu Reeves) has decided he wants to build the perfect motorcycle. To do that he needs the perfect motorcycle builder. Enter Gard Hollinger builder extraordinaire of custom motorcycles. The two come to together to build the perfect custom motorcycle. Based around a Harley davidson Hi performance engine.  Throw in a custom frame with the perfect ride height. Add some long firm inverted front forks and a fully adjustable ohlins rear shock.  Then you have the KR GT-1. The baby of the new Arch motorcycles.

arch custom motorcycle

The newly born arch motorcycles KR GT-1 is a custom motorcycle built with performance in mind. Both engine performance and the performance in the handling department. The idea of the motorcycle was to combine the best aspects of all motorcycles and combine them to make the best custom motorcycle on the road. The first motorcycle was completed in the oct 2011.  They are currently looking at going into full production. For a fall 2013 release of the current model.

arch custom motorcycle

The one (reeves) is a lover of all things motorcycle.  His passion for two wheel machines started with his first ride.  A 1985 kawasaki KLR600. A dual sport machine that can be ridden on or off road.  He is a daily driver and is not afraid to ride, Rain or shine.  Heck there is even times when two wheels is his only means of transportation.  he currently is riding the new arch motorcycles kr gt-1 as well as a commando .

The ones partner is Gard Hollinger owner of L.A. County Choprods. he is the muscle behind the designing and putting to steel of the new custom motorcycle. Gard is a old school fly by the seat of his pants designer with no formal education.  He thinks it up and then builds it.

You can find the new arch and all the details at the arch website    wwww.

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