Kawasaki drops a 300 bomb! 2013 ninja 300

Kawasaki has dropped a 300 bomb on the world. It has released a new 2013 ninja 300 starter sport motorcycle.  The motorcycle is based off of the ninja 250r using the same frame that has been welded up to take a more powerful motor.  The new kawasaki engine is 297cc.  It is also finally fuel injected. The new engine is a liquid-cooled Parallel Twin engine. kawasaki has lengthen the stroke to get more c.c. out of the motor.  This should give the little motorcycle much better acceleration. Something the ninja 250 lacked, due to the small displacement of the engine.

The new motorcycle also gets some new fairings. kawasaki has also made the rear wheel wider. Giving the motorcycle a meaner stance.  The wheels are new also going for a 10 spoke design. That is lighter and help with keeping the weigh of the motorcycle down to a respectable 397 pounds.  They have also upgraded the clutch to a new slipper clutch set up.

The new ninja 300 also has a claimed 25% increase in horsepower and will still be able to use 87 octane gas.  The new motorcycle also will get about 200 miles per tank for the motorcycle rider who want to see how hard his butt really is.

It is about time kawasaki has stepped up to the plate and updated the ninja 250r. This is a decent replacement for the entry level sport bike. This motorcycle squarely puts the ball in honda court to step it up with its cbr250r.  Competition is a good thing. If it wasn’t for honda we would still have the same ole ninja 250r tooling around the streets.  Long live the ninja 300 and long live the honda cbr 250r.


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