Kawasaki 2013 New Models exposed!

It is that time of year again. When good boys and girls get present from a fat guy in a red suit.  No its not that time of year yet.  It time the fat guy in a green suit drops the new kawasaki models for the new 2013 model year.  Kawasaki does not disappoint this year. We have tons of new models and plenty of upgrades to go around.  Leading the pack of new highly redesigned models is the almost new but not quite ninja 250r.  This is the fifth generation of the leading 250cc sport bike on the market. The big thing everyone was hoping for was the motorcycle to get fuel injection. Sadly even though most parts of the world have fuel injection on the ninja 250 model.  We will be waiting at least one more year.  What we did get was a redesign to the motor.

The redesigned motor has a few changes to the cylinders as they are die cast.  Kawasaki has also updated the piston and changed the exhaust. These changes will help make the little sport bike more competitive than honda’s new cbr250r.  They have also stiffened the frame and updated the fairings.  Even with all of these major changes on this motorcycle. It is still basically the same ninja 250r that you could buy in 1987.  It is time kawasaki did a complete redesign from the ground up on this bike.

Kawasaki has also updated the zx10r with ABS brakes and a new computer controlled steering damper.  The new system has a dedicated cpu that measures from many different inputs including speed traveling, load, acceleration. Then the cpu dynamically adjusts the steering damper for optimal performance across all riding conditions.


Kawasaki has also updatede the ninja 650r with ABS brake systems and minor styling changes mostly involving color and graphics.  The new ABS braking system will greatly improve the riding and handling of this motorcycle. It is a welcome change to a solid motorcycle

Kawasaki has also made some changes to the 2013 klr 650 model and also the klx250s model.  mostly minor changes in graphics and design.

So Christmas is here for us adult lovers of motorcycles. The jolly green man from Kawasaki has brought a few new toys for us to play with. Some new, some not so new. All of them fun!




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