Jesse James biker build off 2012

jesse james biker buildoff 2012

Jesse James. The legend, The builder of custom motorcycles.  The most skilled builder of motorcycles on the planet. Just ask him! just kidding After watching the biker build off, the one impression I got was that jesse felt he was the only real custom motorcycle builder on that stage.  And from the way he figures that. He’s right he probably is the best custom motorcycle builder in the competition. But being the best doesn’t always mean that you are going to win a biker build off.  These things are not just about who can build the “best” custom motorcycle. They are just as much about who looks the best on the TV and who can the crowd root for. And Jesse sure makes it hard to root for him.

jesse james biker build off

Jesse is the man when it comes to hand fabricating a frame or taking a design from his head to the streets. There is not many people who can visualize something and then build it. Jesse james has that ability and it shows in his work.  The custom motorcycle he built is one of a kind hand crafted work of art. Which probably why he took so long to get the thing done.

jesse james biker build off 2012

Jesse James seemed to be the odds on favorite to win the biker build off this year. He seemed ready to win and seem to understand what caused him to lose last years bikers build off 2011. You would think having the most experience of any of the builders that were there would seem that he would win hands down. But I think it was his own mouth that causes his loss again this year. Spending too much time bagging on the other teams and spending too much time stroking his own ego.  Jesse we know you are the best custom motorcycle builder in the world. Next time you go up against those guys. Spend more time wrenching and less time talking.  Looking forward to bike build off 2013. We know you can win it all!


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