james dean rebel with a triumph

triumph motorcycle james dean

James Dean. The essence of cool. The original rebel without a cause. Lover of fast cars and rider of motorcycles. James Dean represented everything we love about motorcycles. The freedom, the speed, the coolness, the machines. He loved life and loved to go fast in his cars and on his motorcycles. The last motorcycle he owned was a triumph tr5 trophy.  Very much like the one Fonzie would ride 20 years later on a tv show called Happy days.  Even 20 years after his death his life was still being copied. He is a icon. A icon that loved motorcycles. The  last motorcycle he owned  is now going to be going on display in the Indiana museum. They are calling the exhibit the”Eternal James Dean” exhibit and will go up on the 23rd  of november.The exhibit will look at his roots ( born and raised on farms in rural Indiana). His movies and his love of  fast cars and faster motorcycles.

james dean was a lover of all things motorcycles.  The first motorcycle ever had was while he was living on the farm in rural Indiana. It was a CZ or (ceska zbrojowka) from the czech republic. It was a cz 350, it was a flat piston 358cc motorcycle with a top speed of around 65 mph.  Nothing to brag about now days. But was a speed demon on the dirt roads of Indiana.  After leaving Indiana to become a big star. He bought many other motorcycles.  The last one being the triumph tr-5 trophy. That is now going on display in the Indiana museum.

triumph motorcycle james dean puch

In the picture above  we have the icon on a sears catalog motorcycle from PUCH. You could actually order one of these motorcycle right out of the sears catalog and have it delivered to you house.  At the time it was a great little motorcycle that could get around on for a low cost.  Back then you have to remember there wasn’t motorcycle dealers on every corner.  So sometimes the only way to get something was to order it from Sears.

triumph motorcycles james dean

The king of cool was taken from us way to early. he was only 24 when a car crash took him. He was doing what he loved going fast and riding out on the edge.  The idea of what is cool is eternal and so is James Dean. He will always be eternal.  His love of motorcycles and cars is a large part of who he was.  We all ride for the different reasons but one we all share is it is just so damn cool to be on a motorcycle and living life to the fullest.


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