Its Alive! The akira motorcycle

The akira motorcycle is alive.  From the greatest animated movie of all time.  Akira is set in a apocalyptic future where teenage motorcycle gangs rule the streets. Akira is about one of these teens and his psychic  powers and his incredible motorcycle.  The film was released in 1988 and was a instant cult classic. This movie and tron are two of the movies that inspired me about motorcycles and build my love of the sport.  This motorcycle in akira especially is the one I was most fond of. The akira motorcycle to me was the motorcycle that could exist in the real world.  Now a guy in japan has made that a reality.

Shinji Tejima made this fantasy motorcycle real. He poured more than $120000  of him money into creating this machine. He left no detail unnoticed.  from the wheels to the graphics to the seat. Everything is a perfect replica of the motorcycle in the anime.  He even included a gps digital navigation system to copy the one in the movie.  Shinji spent seven years in designing and building the motorcycle. Shinki  akira motorcycle has been titled the only director approved akira motorcycle for the movie.  This akira motorcycle is so well done that it is currently touring japan at charity events.

Shiniji has even wore the red leather outfit of the main character in the movie during the tour around japan for charity. He has rode around japan for the Bokura company.  They help children who have autism and provide a support group for the parents and family.  The final stop on the tour was for the creator  of the film  Katsuhiro Otomo.

Shinji has brought the fantasy motorcycle of the future to life in the real world. It takes dedication and drive to make something from fantasy reality and Shinji has done that.  as the tag line of the movie says  “the end of the world was only the beginning”  Lets hope that Shinji doesn’t stop here and makes my other favorite fantasy motorcycle reality. I am so ready for my LIGHTCYCLE!












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