How to winterize your harley davidson

winterize your  harley davidson motorcycle

Let it snow let it snow let it snoooooow! Its that time of the year again when we need to park and store our motorcycles for the winter months. Most of us just jump off the bike and shut it off and hope it starts again in the spring. Well that used to be okay a few years ago. but now days with Chinese made batteries and gasoline that is full of ethanol. It is probably not the best idea. To not do any winterizing of your harley davidson. If you want to be able to jump on that motorcycle and shake the cobwebs off the exhaust. and you want to do it with out having to take her into the dealer for some repairs. we are going to give you a few simple steps you can take to make sure you are ready to ride that first trip of the spring.

harley winterize

There are two things that make a motorcycle run. Fuel and Fire. If we take care of both of them when we shut the motorcycle down for the winter. It will make the first ride of the season that much easier.  The first thing we need to do is take care of the fuel. There will be two things we need to take care of with the fuel system. First we need to add a stabilizer to the fuel in the tank. This will take care of the e-10 ethanol in the tank and carb and will prevent it from growing in the tank and the carburetor. What I use is a product called star tron. It is a fuel additive that will basically eat up all the ethanol in the fuel system. Then we want to top off the tank with fuel. The idea is to leave as little air in the tank as possible to  prevent condensation. This will prevent any rust growing inside the tank.

star tron for motorcycles

Then next thing we need to do is shut off the fuel to the carbs or the fuel injectors. then we need to run the motorcycle till it sucks up all the fuel outta the fuel system. This will prevent any fuel that is in the small passages from going bad and clogging up the fuel system. This probably the most important step to prevent costly repairs come spring time.

motorcycl battery

The next thing we need to do is to remove the battery and store in the garage or somewhere that the temp doesn’t change to dramatically. The best way is to store the battery hooked to a motorcycle tender. This will help maintain the battery levels all winter long and will prevent a costly battery replacement come spring time. Doing these few simple things will help save you tons of money and time. Come springtime and you want to ride your motorcycle these tips will have paid off in full!  Do you have any tips to add to the community. Please share in the comments!

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