hover motorcycles are finally here!

Well it looks like hover bikes are here.  Finally I can go anywhere I want and not have to follow the roads.  This hover bike can go anywhere.  Nothing will stop it.  Well except for the company that built it.  They dont have any plans to sell this awesome ride to the public.  They are just using it for testing. To build unmanned drones.  It would be so incredible if Honda or Suzuki would build one of these. It is the ATV of the future.  I even think it could be the motorcycle of the future.  Install a headlight and a taillight and some turn signals.  Slap a big Harley davidson badge on it.  It is the new v-twin fan ducted motorcycle of the future.

The hover bike, as I like to call it. is a twin ducted fan machine. It is built by a company called Aerofex. They are based outta california.  The machine is controlled by two controllers bar. one at knee level for inputs for leaning and one at hand level for turning.   The designer Mark De rouche likes to say “Think of it as lowering the threshold of flight, down to the domain of ATV’s (all-terrain vehicles)”

I cant wait for the future to get here. motorcycle that can hover over the land.  Just like they did in Star Wards.   That is something to see!



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