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So yamaha motorcycles just released thier sales figures for 2012. Not good.  Unlike harley davidson and ducati, yamaha’s sales for 2012 were down.  Total units of motorcycles sold in the united states was down nearly 8%  and ATV sales were down more than 2%.  Yamaha motorcycles has been having the same problem that most of the rest of the industry is having. Global sales are in the tank and aren’t looking much better for 2013.  A Yamaha rep released this statement on plans for 2013 quote ” Yamaha’s business strategy for the U.S. motorcycle market, according to the financial presentation: “Rebuilding our brand image in this market heading for recovery by: upgrading product competitiveness (cruisers, sports, competition, etc.), upgrading the sales network, conducting specialized market-specific promotions.” that’s basically saying we are going to throw everything at the problem and see what sticks.  Well hopefully they will get something happening soon. Hopefully a new Rhino UTV.  That should help!

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Lane splitting are you nuts?

So after 100 years of lane splitting. You do know what lane splitting is right? Well maybe not if, if you live somewhere you don’t have traffic jams. Lane splitting is when everyone else is stopped in their tin cans. You drive your motorcycle right down the middle of the lanes. Hence the term  Lane splitting. But the smart guys in California want to make it illegal. Seems some state rep has decided that lane splitting is just too dangerous for us motorcycle riders to be able to handle. So he decided to write a new law banning lane splitting. Only problem studies have shown that it is safe and it is good for the environment and even helps to clear up traffic congestion. Lucky for us out here in California the AMA sent the representative some info on lane splitting and the rep has changed his mind.  For now anyways. I am sure he will try again.


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Man buries harley davidson for insurance scam!

So a man comes up with the bright idea of burying his harley davidson and cashing in with his insurance money. Sounds like a good idea. Just don’t tell your wife.  Or should I say your  future ex-wife. Chad E. Dejongh of Michigan came up with this brilliant plan.  He cashed out his harley and collected a cool 10k. The problems didn’t start till a few years later when him and his wife decided to get a divorce. She decided it would be a good idea to tell the police about her soon to be ex-husband had buried his bike in a relatives yard.  Well he told her to be quiet or there was room for something else to be buried in the back yard. Well the police soon found out and now Mr Chad E. Dejongh is serving some time in jail.  And has to pay back the insurance company.  The moral of this story. Don’t bury your beloved motorcycle. Just divorce the wife then you will have plenty of money to pay for your motorcycle.  NOT!






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