honda motorcycles drops 2014 model news

2014 honda ctx 700

2014 ctx 700 new model?

honda motorcycles has dropped some not so secret info on one of its 2014 models. They call it the ctx700n.  the ctx stands for (c)omfort (t)ouring (x)experience. This is part of honda motorcycles idea of making motorcycles for the masses.  In the near future they will be rolling out other ctx model motorcycles. each with their own displacement and styling. But all under the idea of comfort and touring and experience. The current ctx700 is based on the late entry 2012 nc700x. That  unique motorcycle had alot of new engineering ideas. It has honda’s new dual clutch transmission. It has the same parallel twin engine that comes in the nc700x.

2014 honda ctx700

honda motorcycle marketing!

The ctx line of motorcycles is honda’s latest marketing jargon to get new riders on motorcycles. I personally feel making the best bikes in the world would be enough but I guess it isn’t. Honda motorcycles has really been focusing on the entry level  low cost, low operating maintenance motorcycles. and easy to ride bikes. the new ctx 700 fits that bill perfectly. Priced at under 7000 for the entry motorcycle and under 8000 for the premium ABS model. This is the kind of motorcycle that should put new riders in seats.

honda  ctx 700n

Honda motorcycles plans to have a couple different versions of this bike. Including a full fairing model and a wannabe bagger model. Sorta like a mini F6b model. To me honda has been spending too much time designing motorcycles to what a advertising exec thinks should be a great motorcycle. they seem to think the public will buy anything as long as it has the letter “x” on it for adventure or experience. I really miss the days when I would look forward to honda leading and innovating and pressing the markets forward. Honda motorcycles seems stuck on trying to make motorcycles for masses.

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  • roger doger

    wow that is one wild looking motorcycle from honda