honda motorcycle sales are up 29%


honda motorcycle sales are up and up

Times are tough for motorcycle manufactures. The last four or five years sales have been down and things didn’t look good. But honda motorcycle is starting to see some changes. Starting last fall sales of new motorcycles have been improving. honda sold almost 65000 units in the last quarter of 2012. that is a 30 % improvement over 2011. That is definitely something to get excited about. Honda total sales for the planet were 3.8 million units total. That is a 6% improvement for the whole company. Of course that includes more than just motorcycles. That is everything honda makes for the power sport industry, from motorcycles to atv to side by sides. Even scooters. Honda has its hand in every pie out there.

honda motorcycle

Times are changing. Honda is changing!

honda motorcycles is changing. Honda has started a new plan to help them get out of this world wide slump. There plan has been to make solid no frills, low maintenance, highly efficient motorcycle that anyone can ride. It seems to be paying off if you look at the current sales figures. Honda has released quite a few new models. Aimed right out the new rider. The new models are standard honda motorcycles. Like the new cbr250r. It entry level sport bike. Ready for the new rider. They also have a new line of “adventure” motorcycles like the nc700x or the nc700x.  These motorcycle all come from a stndard cookie cutter style of motorcycle that will sell anywhere in the world with minimal design changes. In my opiioion that makes for a boring motorcycle but it seems to be working for honda. They have the sales figures to prove it.

honda nc700x

I think honda needs it is taking a short sighted approach to building motorcycles. I think they are sacrificing innovation for raw selling machines. That will have no life span. Everyone remembers the cb750 or the cbr 600f. These motorcycles broke new ground and brought people into the sport for life. I think honda just wants to sell a few motorcycles. Time will tell if the made the right decision. Right now it looks like they have. but 10 years from now I am sure we will not be talking about the great nc700x adventure motorcycle.



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