honda goldwing f6b bagger

honda f6b goldwing

honda goldwing f6b review

So honda motorcycles seeing a rise in demand for harley davidson baggers. Decides it needs one to sell too. But what honda motorcycle would make a great bagger. Would they chose a great cruiser motorcycle like the honda vt1100 shadow aero? Or maybe the vtx1800? You would think so. Either one of those models would make a great bagger. but you would be wrong. Instead they decide to go with the biggest, heaviest, most overloaded motorcycle they build. Now this motorcycle is the best at what it does. It is hands down the best touring motorcycle on the planet. It is a motorcycle built to ride around the world.  So what in the world was honda thinking that they could change this bike into a stop light to stop light cruiser? What ever their thought process honda may have lucked into a winning motorcycle. Because the goldwing F6B is definitely a world class bagger.

goldwing f6b 2013

goldwing bagger huh?

So how does honda make a giant world class touring bike into a bagger. Well the first thing you do is make it go on a diet.  Yep a diet. Honda shaved about 70 pounds off the 2013 goldwing. They got it down to a respectable 840 pounds. Now I know 70 pounds doesn’t sound like a lot. but just like your girlfriend a few pounds in the right spots makes all the difference in the world. The first thing honda did was chuck the massive rear trunk. Losing that weight up high in the rear of the motorcycle greatly changed the center of gravity of the motorcycle. This helps it to not feel so heavy when you tilt it over on its side. A massive improvement in the ride and flickability of the motorcycle. honda has also removed all the big goldwing extra;s like the reverse motors and electronic rear suspension. The new goldwing f6b doesn’t need the extra since it is such a slimmed down machine. They also changed out the tall windshield for a short style windshield. This help to make the motorcycle seem much lower than the goldwing.

2013 goldwing f6b

flat-six-bagger F6B

Honda may have accidentally swerved into a winner with the goldwing f6b. It is a fun motorcycle to take down to the strip and run stop light to stop light. It handles better than you would think and can hold its own on the open road or running through the twisty’s.  Just like the original goldwing this motorcycle is hard to put into a class of motorcycles. Yes honda wants it to be their bagger. But I think it is a lot more than that. I think it will also appeal to the guy who doesn’t want the giant goldwing 1800 touring motorcycle but still wants a few places to put his gear for those long weekends running around the countryside.  I think this motorcycle is alot more than just a bagger for honda. I think it will define its own class of motorcycle. It might even be as revolutionary as the first goldwing.



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