Honda CRF 450X Dakar Rally motorcycle

2013 honda crf450x dakar

The Dakar rally. It used to be called the paris-dakar rally. It used to go from paris france to the west african town of dakar Senegal. That was before things got a little too hot for the riders of the race. Now it is just called the dakar rally. It is now held each year in south america.  The dakar is a wide open moto endurance race. It includes everything from motorcycles to cars to trucks and SUV’s.  Honda motorcycles competes most years. Usually with a custom, one off purpose built enduro motorcycle. That has changed this year, as honda has decided to use one of its factory machines. They are using a heavily modified 2013 crf450x.

honda crf450 dakar rally

Honda motorcycles is doing a few different modifications to the bike. They have installed a new fully programmable Fuel Injection PGM-FI system. This will let them tune the motorcycle on the fly. They will be able to change ignition and fuel system.  Depending on where they are at and what type of terrain.  They of course will have added a much larger fuel tank to increase the motorcycles range. Then they have added the high tech naviagation system with GPS. This is to help keep them on the right track. No matter where in the world they are. Honda has also changed the body work to allow for better protection from the race course.

2013 honda motorcycle crf 450x

Before the big dakar rally in January. Honda is putting the motorcycle through extensive testing. The first real world test will be a race  in october at the morocco rally.  This real world shake down  should spot light any problems with the motorcycle. Honda is hoping the motorcycle will be race ready in time for the big dakar rally in january 2013.

The dakar rally is a world renown race.  This motorcycle will be driving across three different countries. They will be facing some of the toughest terrain and the toughest environments a motorcycle has ever seen.  This will be a true test of the new honda crf450x.  Honda is out to show that the motorcycles they produce are as good or better than even purpose built race machines. Check back in january to see how honda does in the rally!

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