honda crf450r all new for 2013

2013 honda crf450r

So honda has finally taken the wraps off the all new for 2013 crf450r.   We have been previews all summer long and the wait is over. Is it as good as they say. Well lets take a look at the new crf450r.  The bike is all new for 2013. Everything has been changed and updated or modified. Well except for one thing. Of course this one things is something we are probably glad they didnt change for 2013. That is the price. The price for the new motorcycle is unchanged from 2013.  It is still going to be $8440.  That is one change we are glad honda didn’t make. Now lets get down to what did change and what we can expect from the Big Red machine!

2013 crf450r

Okay this bike is basically new from the ground up but some of the biggest changes  are that they redesigned the frame and sub frame.  The new frame was designed with the total suspension in mind. The idea being to make the most well rounded high performance race bike that you can take and ride anywhere.  This motorcycle is going to be comfortable on the race track and out blasting through the desert or climbing mountain trails.

2013 honda crf450r

The new KYB PSF pneumatic spring forks use air pressure instead of clunky heavy metal springs. This saves weight and wear and tear. This also allows for a new 32 mm cartridge damper system. The new forks design with the frame in mind has allowed the motorcycle to be more responsive and give better feedback to the rider. Helping honda to make the best crf450r they have ever made.

crf450r 2013

Another new feature is the new dual exhaust system. Honda has designed the new mufflers to help with the new noise restrictions. A lot of states and events are limiting the sound output of motorcycles.  By adding the extra exhaust, Honda can maintain the exhaust output but also meet the strict new noise emissions.  Honda has also refined the motor. The current engine maintains the orginal design of the 2012 model. But with new cams and new piston all with making the almost perfect off road motorcycle.

There is tons of other small changes and redesigns in the new 2013 crf450r. Honda started from scratch with this bike. Not a part of the bike was not looked at and made better or faster.  Some things got small changes (like the motor). Some got major changes(like the frame and forks).  It is good to see honda still innovating and changing a great motorcycle to make it a even better motorcycle.



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