Honda’s New sport quads 2013 trx450r and trx 250x


It looks like Honda is back in the sport quad market. after being outta the market for a few years.  Heck I even think I saw a 2009 trx 700r still sitting on the show room floor of my local dealer. We all know the last few years has been pretty tough on the motorcycle industry, especially the ATV and Watercraft.  I think things are finally starting to improve and honda has cleared out its inventory and is finally taking the wraps off a couple of new models.  The first being the new and improved 2013 trx450r. There are plenty of refinements to race tested  450r uni-cam motor. The bike now starts easier and handles better than it ever did.  So if your 2006 trx is starting to look a little tired or you are needing some more juice.  Honda has just the upgrade for you.

Now Honda wouldn’t forget the weekend riders. It isnt all about racing and winning. It is also about just having fun, tearing up the dunes or ripping through the woods on awesome trail. Honda has updated the 2013 trx 250x. The all around quad that is easy for anyone to ride from the novice to the weekend warrior. This quad will do everything.  It has Honda proven 250cc engine that is  mounted longitudinally for smooth delivery of power across all ranges.  This configuration helps the bike handle like a dream.  but the best new feature Honda has exclusively is the new Sportclutch which helps new riders not stall out and to learn how to shift the bike, but can also be used in full manual mode for experienced riders.

Finally for the kids We have  the kid  trx90.  updated for 2013 it uses the same time tested sohc 89 cc engine, electric starter and upgraded suspension to sock up all those rough bumps. This kid machine is one of the best designed quads for our little guys. You can relax know your kids are on a Honda.

Honda once again comes out with some terrific atv’s for the family or the racer.  Go down to your local honda and check out these new rides!


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  • Jeditastic

     The 2013 TRX is the same as the 2007 model apart from the colour – new model lmao – you don’t know much about Honda quads! – Wise man say forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza.

    • motorcycleppf

      thanks for the correction.    I couldnt rememeber how far it went back to the previous model.  Honda does consider this a new model.