Heritage Softail Classic a cruiser made for touring

Heritage Softail Classic a cruiser made for touring!

Want a harley davidson that can do everything. Today it is my daily driver. That I take to work each day. This weekend it is cruiser that I burn up and down the strip. Then next month I am going on a two week trip across the state. There is only one harley that can do that. The Heritage Softail Classic. It is a bike in the line up that is meant to meet all the needs of todays riders. The motorcycle dates back to 1986. When harley decided to add saddle bags and a windshield to the new softtail model. A instant classic was born.

HD Heritage Softail Classic 1986

One of the best things about a heritage softail classic is that the styling on the motorcycle is timeless. The bike is pretty much unchanged from year to year. It can almost be said to be the perfect motorcycle.  Its low center of gravity. 26 inches  makes for a motorcycle most anyone can throw a leg over and feel confident. The floorboards are positions just perfect to allow you to rest your feet on.  Then the handle bars are at the exact height that makes you feel like you can ride all day long.  Basically it is the same motorcycle you would have bought in 1986. That is how good a motorcycle it has been.

harley davidson softail classic

The only thing harley has really changed is the motor. They swapped out the good ole evo motor for a nice new twin cam 103cu in motor. Add the fuel injection and a sweet six speed tranny and just about have perfection. This motorcycle would leave the old softail in the dust and will do it while getting 45+ MPG. What more could you ask for in a motorcycle.  The 2013 harley davidson Heritage Softail Classic is just about the perfect motorcycle. It can do anything you could ask for in a motorcycle.  There must be something special about a motorcycle that is produced for over 27 years.

harley davidson softail

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