Harley’s home grown bagger 2013 street glide

harley davidson factory bagger

Baggers are the rage.  They are the motorcycle of the moment. Everyone is customizing to make the sickest bagger you can find. If you want to make the baddest most sickest custom motorcycle around. You need to start with a new 2013 harley street glide. They are where it all started. This is the motorcycle for you. Harley davidson has released the new street glide specs. They look pretty much as the same as last year. Harley has added some new color options and badges. But what do you expect when you have such a sweet ride to start with. It still comes with that new twin cam 103 engine that puts out over 100 ft pounds of torque. It will still carry you and your friends like a bat outta hell.

2013 harley bagger

But we know speed isn’t the reason you buy this motorcycle. It is the style.  Harley has really upped the design on this factory motorcycle. This motorcycle is slammed for a stock motorcycle.  They have brought the bike down and increased the front wheel size to a 18 inches. Even with the motorcycle lowered harley has paid attention to the handling of the motorcycle.  She may be a little low and long but she is still pretty easy to get around on.  It is the little details that make this such a awesome ride.  That is why so many people chose the street glide  to customize.

harley 18 in front wheel

Harley also has a list of options you can get for this motorcycle. This will help you to customize the ride to your preferences.  Some of the best ones to get is the ABS brakes. A big bike like this needs every bit of stopping power you can get. And the Anti lock braking is just what you need.  Another one is the new smart security system they have. You do not want that new motorcycle that you have just finished making the ride of your dreams. To be rode off by someone else. Well the new smart security will make sure that doesn’t happen.

2013 harley davison street glide custom

Harley has a winner with this motorcycle. It is the base of almost every great custom bagger out there. So if you are looking for your next project. The new 2013 harley street glide custom is the ride for you.

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