harley davidson sales are up!

harley davidson

Happy days are here again!  harley davidson sales are up 10% in october. That is twice as much as the analyst predicted.  They said that based on dealer sales reports that retail sales averaged a 10% increase for the month of october. This is compared to the 2011 sales figures.  harley had already saw a 9 % increase in sales for the month of September.  So hopefully we are looking at a trend in sales.  Of course the with the crazy weather we had in november with hurricane sandy. Sales for november are not looking so great!

harley davidson prices

Even with the weather being messed up on the east coast and the election going good for some and not so good for others. Harley looks to do good for the rest of the 2012. And hopefully will be cleaning up in 2013.  Of course if you ask me the best thing harley could do to sell more motorcycles would be to lower the prices on their current models.  Heck 20 grand for a decent harley is way to much.  but what do I know. I just read about motorcycles and write about motorcycles and sell motorcycles.   What do you think a fair price for a new harley davidson should be?  add you comments down below.



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