Harley drops the BOMB. Water cooled sweetness 2014

harley davidson 2014

Harley Davidson drops a Water BOMB!

So harley davidson has finally decided it is time to drop the the so secret news that they have a water cooled engine. Yep for the 2014 model year harley has 2 motorcycles that are getting the water cooler treatment. The first is the the 2014 ultra limited and also the tri glide ultra. Both motorcycles are getting the new 103 motor that water cooling. These new 2014 models are also getting some new upgrades in the form of,  linked braking systems and touch screen electronic systems.  They have also annoced a third motorcycle engine. The 110 motor. That will end up in the 2014 CVO LIMITED. The new high output 110 should be a real scorcher

2014 water cooled harley

2014 electra glide ULTRA

So harly is looking to bring their line of motorcycles into the 21st century. The new models in 2014 will be the most advanced models they have ever produces. Not only have the added water cooling to the heads on the new bikes. They have also upgraded the braking system to a new linked brake system.  This new system is called th reflex braking system. The new brake system only activates when the motorcycle is going over 20 miles a hour. Then at that point it splits the stopping power between the front and rear calipers. The new system is supposed to be able to process and determine how much brake is applied to each wheel.  Pretty awesome. Especially on these big machines.

2014 harley touch screen

The new and improved touch screen!

Harley has also greatly improved the electronics on the new models. One of the best new improvements is the touch screen electronics package. They call it the BOOM BOX infotainment system.  It has all the latest tech.  voice activation, integrated audio, phone integration, GPS, text to speech. You name it. This new BOOM BOX does it. It is the star of the new models.  It will let you hook up your phone or your ipod or just about any other communications device.



Harley davidson has finally brought some of the advances in motorcycle engines to the new 2014 models.  This is a great start and I look forward to many more innovations to the rest of harleys line up.  The next 110 years of Harley are going to be the best yet!

2014 harley






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