harley davidson vrod muscle!

harley davidson vrod

It has been over 10 years ago harley davidson gave birth to the v twin muscle bike. It was called the v rod. With a little help from Porsche with the engine. They helped sort out the totally new overhead cam, water cooled, 60 degree v twin. This was a radical change for harley davidson. At 10 years the new vrod muscle has finally came into its own. The revolution motor now sits at 1250cc up from the orignal that stood at 1130cc.  The rear end now sports a 240 tire standard. It has a 5 gallon tank for the long hauls and a slipper clutch to let you take the motorcycle to the limit in the corners and not have to worry about wheel hop. It is finally a well designed ride that any one would love to sling a leg over and go out and tear up the mountain roads.

harley davidson

The new 2013 model comes with brembo brakes to really help you slow this rocket down. You can also get a optional ABS anti lock brakes system(I highly recommend). To make the beast even a little more easy to handle.  Harley has definitely spent the time refining this motorcycle to make it the best motorcycle they can. They have the latest in front forks with a modern race inspired inverted forks. At 43mm they are huge. This helps with the styling to maintain that wide low feeling on the motorcycle. And also help with the muscle bike image.

harley davidson

The 02 vrod was a revolution for harley davidson. It showed they were willing to think outside the box. That the company was willing to take chances and change the design of the classic harley davidson. The 2013 harley vrod is a evolution of that idea. Harley has worked for the last 10 years refining the idea of a 60 degree v twin water cooled harley davidson. Every year this motorcycle gets a little better. And I would say it is a great motorcycle and lots of fun to ride. And the best part….  Its made in America.

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