harley davidson supports our veterans!

harley davidson veterans day

The military and harley davidson go way back. As long as there has been harley davidson’s there have been soldiers riding them. They have been used in battles and to help the wounded and the sick. They are a part of the history of the united states. They have been there through the good times and the bad times. Harley davidson has decided this year they are going all out to show the veterans in this country how much they appreciate them. So at this years annual tribute to the man and women of out united states military they are having some special events for the veterans and their families.

harley davidson veterans

This year they are opening  up the harley davidson museum to the veterans and their families to enjoy the museum for free.  The gallery has a second floor dedicated to the military and the motorcycles they ride.  The gallery hosts many one of a kind motorcycles used during times of war.  The museum is normally free year round to veterans and active duty, but for the weekend it is open to the families also. Not only will the museum be free but there will be many other activities for the veterans.  There will be performances by the St Johns Military academy. You will also be able to check out the 2011 and 2012 custom bike show people choice winners “tribute bike” .  The motorcycle is a tribute to the people who served in Vietnam.

harley davidson veterans

harley davidson supports our man and woman who write a blank check to our country and put everything on the line for our freedoms and liberty.  It is good to see a American company take pride in its shared history.  Harley also has a program called Harleys Hero’s.  They work with the DAV (disabled american veterans) to help our men and women coming back home to get moving with their lives.  They have a mobile service that travels around from dealership to dealership helping VETS and their families with  getting life moving again.  Since 2007 the foundation has spent two million dollars helping thousand of veterans.

Here at motorcycleppf we salute the veterans of this country. We understand the price that is paid when you commit your life and future to our great country. We thank you  for your service to our liberty and freedom.   Lets show some appreciation  for our veterans and our current active duty by leaving comments thanking them for their service.





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