Harley-davidson screaming eagle slipper clutch

So your friends keep talking about this new clutch that has come out for the Harley v-rod motorcycle. They call it a slipper clutch.  They swear it does everything a regular clutch does, except better and faster. Your thinking to yourself.  What the heck is a slipper clutch and why do I need one for my nightrod? Well let me tell you a slipper clutch is a pretty ingenious new clutch for motorcycle. It wont make your motorcycle any faster. But it will make the bike last longer and handle better in a multitude of riding conditions. It might even make your motorcycle tires last longer.

A motorcycle slipper clutch is a clutch that is designed to lessen the effects of engine braking on your motorcycle.  It was originally designed for high performance race motorcycles to help riders as they let off the gas when coming into a corner. This prevents the rear wheel from locking up and bouncing all over the place when you down shift. This of courses can cause loss of  control of the motorcycle and even damage to the drive train of the motorcycle.

So I know you are thinking I need one of these in my nightrod.  Well you are in luck Harley has started selling a slipper clutch just for your motorcycle. They call it the Screamin’ Eagle® Performance Slipper Clutch for VRSC. For around the price of a new rear tire. You can get the same clutch used in race bikes all over the world. Harley claims not only will the new clutch improve traction on the road in any condition. That it will also reduce the force needed to pull the clutch in.  Up to 30 % less force is required to engage the clutch. This clutch technology is so good they even put it on the new 2013 harley Road Glides.  So go line now and order your new slipper clutch and enjoy being able to down shift as hard as you want.


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