harley davidson says NO MORE MUSIC!

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if its too loud your too old harley davidson

As the saying goes, if its too loud your too old. well harely davidson must be getting too old. The company just came down hard on the guys building the new motorcycles. Harley has decided that the only sound they want to hear on the production floor is the sweet sound of new motorcycles being built. They have told all the factorys that they need to turn the music all the way off.  The directive comes from the vice president for manufacturing. A Mr John Dansby II. He states that due to the need to improve safety that all distraction ( music) need to be removed from the production floor.

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music for the masses

It is a strange move for harley davidson to change it mind on allowing music on the production floor. If it is really about safety and producing the finest motorcycles. Then it is a good idea. But I would need to see some proof that is does improve safety. If it is just a arbitrary decision by the suits upstairs it is a awful idea and will definitely slow down production.  I guess only time will tell if this is a good idea. What do you think? Is it a good idea? Or has management power gone to their heads?

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  • Paul

    If the workers are breaking into song and dance I can see how its a distraction. But really?

  • Robert Trunz jr

    I think it makes sense