Harley davidson sales drop

harley davidson sales drop

harley davidson say’s winter winter go away!

harley davidsons sales were down 12.7 percent compared to last year. harley is blaming the winter that just wont go away this year.  In Q1 this year harley sold 35000 motorcycles. Compared to over 40000 units they sold in Q1 2012. Now I know 35000 new harleys sound like a lot but  compared to 2012. This is not good news.  Of course harley is now were saying that the increase in sales for 2012 was due to the winter ending a few weeks early last year. Allowing for riders to get out and start riding sooner. Either way it is never good when you start out the year with sales down 13% It makes for a slow start for the year and a lot of catching up to do in the sales department.

harley davidson 110th

harley davidson prices going up?

Hopefully harley will not keep raising their prices on the new machines and run some discounts to spur sales. Nothing helps move motorcycles than a good discount and some extra gear thrown in! But it is doubtful that harley will do that. Sales are not that bad even with the drop in Q1.  The companies plans are working pretty good right now. They have been successful in expanding the brand. Right now 4 out of 10  every new harley bought is from a new buyer. Meaning they have never owned a harley davidson before. That is good news. Expanding the market for your product is everything. Especially considering the current market for motorcycle sales.

harley davidson breakout

harley is going to continue with their plans for world domination. This little speed bump due to the winter that just wont die wont slow them down too much. But you can always hope that this little bump will lead to some lower priced units.  All of it will depend on Q2. If sales drop for that quarter we just might see a few deals coming our way! What do you think Harley should do to increase sales?


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