harley davidson motorcycles

harley davidson motorcycles

engine inside a harley 103 motor


harley davidson motorcycles?  Why do we love them so much? What is it about these two wheeled machines that causes such devotion? What makes them special? They are just a machine. A means of transportation. They are not the most efficient means of getting from point a to point b. You cant carry anything other than your girl or a small bag of gear.  They wont keep you dry when it is raining. They wont keep you warm when it is cold. So what is it about a harley davidson motorcycle? Why will you spend your weekends in the garage working on ride. Getting it ready for the next big ride?

harley-davidson motorcycles

wannabe harley davidson motorcycle


There is something about a Harley that even makes other company’s try to make their motorcycle the same as a harley. Look at the honda vt1100 shadow in the picture above. You have to look real close to see it is not a real harley but just a wannabe. Not that there is anything wrong with a honda shadow or a suzuki marauder. Its just pretty cool that even other companies realize just how special our ride our. Like they say imitation is the best form of flattery.

harley davidson motorcycles

true blue harley davidson motorcycle


Harley davidson motorcycles are about freedom. freedom to ride. Freedom to live. Freedom from the boring day to day. Living paycheck to paycheck  that we all live. These are motorcycles that are made in the USA.  and that stands for something. There are motorcycles built all over the world. There are bikes that are more refined and better engineered. None of them is associated with freedom. That is what these motorcycles represent. That is why harley davidson motorcycles are sold all over the world. Harley is the only motorcycle that means freedom. So get out there and start enjoying your freedom. See where it will take you!

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