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harley davidson sales are up!

harley davidson sales UP almost 8%

harley’s sales for the year are up over 7 percent. That is amazing considering the world economic crisis that has been going on for the last 4 years.   Harley has been going thru some challenges for the last couple of years. As most motorcycle companies have been. The difference is that harley had a dual problem. Not just the economy but also a aging buyer of the brand. Harley needed to redefine the company and redefine how the company fits into days modern motorcyclist.  So Harley decided make quite a few changes to the company and its products. They also made quite a few changes to how they build the bikes.

harley davidson 2013

New motorcycles New idea’s

Harley has just about completed its plans to redo the company from top to bottom. Those plans from back in 2009 sounded crazy. They wanted to streamline the manufacturing. To look anywhere and everywhere to save money on producing motorcycles. They also wanted to expand sales. To do that you have to expand markets. Well harley davidson has done both in spades. Production costs are down and Sales are up. Harley has increased it share of motorcycles sold in the international market from 25% 4 years ago. To 35% this year and they think it will hit 40% by next year.  Harley davidson is the number 1 selling motorcycle in the 18-34 year old market. All good news for the company.

2013 harley davidson road king

Future so bright

The future looks bright for harley davidson. 110th year anniversary celebration going on for the whole year. Harley has events planned for all over the planet. The brand could not be in better shape for the future. Now all they have to do is keep making the best motorcycles on the planet. We will keep riding them till the tires fall off.  Here’s to another 110 years of HD!

harley davidson


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