Harley Davidson leaner meaner more profitable

h d 2013

The country has been in a bad year for about 4 years now. Harley Davidson has learned a few tricks for surviving the bad years. harley has been making changes and working hard. They have learned from the bad years. They know what can happen to company that doesn’t change with the times. It wasn’t that long ago. Back in the 1970’s harley made motorcycles that were over priced and poorly built. They didn’t listen to the market, and their Japanese competition took over as the top motorcycle producers in the world.   Harley lost a lot of customers and saw its brand sink lower and lower. But that was then and this is now!

H D glide custom

Since the downturn in the economy Harley has been turning their company upside down and squeezing every penny they can from it.The word of the day. Well everyday at harley davidson is automation. Automation has helped harley to reduce costs on everything it does. Once harley used to have assembly done in 41 different buildings. Now they have consolidated and automated it all in one large building. Now robots do most of the heavy lifting.  Not only that harley has trimmed it work force by 1000 people. This helps keep costs down.

HD 2013

Harley Davidson is a great American company. That plans on being here for another 110 years. They are making changes and learning from the mistakes of the old harley. We all love the motorcycles they produce.  The country is in hard times and company’s need to be flexible to keep going.  Harley has done that in spades.



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