Harley davidson freedom Jacket

harley davidson freedom jacket traveling the world

This freedom jacket from harley davidson is taking a trip around the world.  harley has decided for its 110th year anniversary that it would lend out a single jacket to different people all over the world. Each person will use the jacket and take it on adventures all around the world. The jacket will be passed from rider to rider for the next 10 months. Then it will arrive back in Milwaukee in time for the big 110th year celebration. The weekend of the 29 Aug to sep 1. The jacket and the stories and pictures from its many adventure will be displayed at the Harley davidson museum for all to share in.

harley freedom jacket in spain

The leather jacket is as iconic as harley davidson. The two go together like peas and carrots. As long as there has been motorcycles their has been leather jackets.  And the leather jacket of every motorcycle rider tells a story. Every crease, every rash is a different event to the rider. That is why the freedom jacket was choosen to represent the story of the freedom. Freedom that our motorcycles give us. This special jacket will be ridden all over the world and will tell that story.

harley davidson freedom jacket in china

The freedom jacket has already traveled to different locations around the world. It has spent some time in the Alps. It went to bike week in Austria. It has traveled down the roads of Mexico, then on to Rio de janeiro. And then to brazil.  If you were in Pomona California for the pro stock finals you would have seen it there. During the rest of the year you will be able to see it in India to New Zealand to south Africa and even in Rome. The jacket and what it represents is eternal. We all love out freedom and this jacket will let us share it with the world.



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