Harley Davidson Daymaker headlight for Road glides

My favorite time to ride is in the middle of the night. I love the feel of the dew in the air. I love the way shadows dance across the road.  Nothing feels better than blasting down a country road. My music blasting, scaring every animal for 20 miles.  What I don’t love is not being able to see more than 10 feet ahead of me.  Well Harley davidson has something to brighten those dark lonely nights.

They call them the daymaker. Harley davidson has designed some replacement lights for the 2004 and up road glides.  Im sure you can probabaly retro fit them on any motorcycle. With a big enough hammer and some duct tape. You can make any headlight fit on any model motorcycle.  The new motorcycle headlights have a d-shape light pattern that really throws a huge wave of light out in front of the motorcycle. Where you need the light the most.  The new LED have a whiter and cleaners output than standard bulbs. The dual projectors help move them light in front of the motorcycle depending on if you have the low beams or the high beams going.

The LED lights are made to run many times longer than standard stock bulbs.  They are more reliable and require less maintenance.  The headlights mount into the stock mounts of the harley davidson road glide and are painless to install.  The kit does not require any additional hardware (harness or ballast) to run. They are self contained and come in different colors on the back panel to match different road glide paint schemes.  So the next time you are flying down that country road and wish you could actually see the road in front of you. Head over to your local Harley Davidson dealer or go on line here to order a set of the new daymaker  led headlights for your road glide.



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