harley davidson 2020

harley davidson 2020 the future of harley davidson

One of the things I love about having a motorcycle blog is sharing the cool things I find on the internet. You just never know what you are going to find when you start hoping around from page to page. Or forum to forum. Some of the wildest things I find are about what a motorcycle will be like in the future. Here is some ideas from a man named Borka Schwarzer. He is Transportation designer and 3d modeler. You can check out his page.

harley davidson future motorcycle


These designs of what a harley davidson motorcycle would look like in the year 2020 are incredible. makes you wish it was 2020 now and not in 7 years from now. Borka has spent a lot of time thinking about every aspect of what a motorcycle of the future will look like. From the custom seat that converts from one rider to two riders. To the regenerative braking system on the motorcycle. Everything you could want on a motorcycle of the future is here.

harley davidson of the future


Motorcycles are works of art. Even when they are just designs on a computer screen. So enjoy these picture of the future of harley davidson.  This motorcycle will be here sooner than you think! All of these pictures are the property of Borka Schwarzer

Please check out his page and enjoy his other designs.


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