harley davidson 2013 110 years still going strong

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Kick off for the 110th year anniversary of Harley davidson. by Celebrating a for a full year. This is how the people down in Milwaukee who make our motorcycle roll.  One of the oldest motorcycle manufactures in the world Halrey Davidson is celebrating its 110th  year of making motorcycles. They are having a party that will  last all year long.  It started this sept 2012 and will last till sept 1. 2013.  This year at the Milwaukee Rally Willie Davidson started a clock that will count down for the whole year. When the clock finishes it countdown the massive 110th year Anniversary party will kick off next aug 2013.

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The year long party will be celebrated all over the world. Starting  In  January there will be  rallies starting  in India and South africa, brazil, china, mexico and even in Rome at Vatican city.  You might even get to watch the Pope bless the new models.  Harley is also  going to be filming these events to be used in a new series of  commercials.   The new  ad “United by Independents” will be a celebration of all the different types of people who ride motorcycles and love harley davidson.  The first in the series ran on the new episode of SOA “Sons of Anarchy” and will continue celebrating the diversity of Harley Davidson  all year long.

harley davidson 110th

110 years is a incredible of amount of time to be making motorcycles.  It shows the love harley davidson has for our two wheel machines. They are tickets to freedom from the rest of the worlds troubles and a friend who always takes us home.   Enjoy your 110th year Harley Davidson.  and here’s to another 110 years!


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