Fly the Mustang Special

The year is 1945 and you are finally back in the states after a long 4 years in europe.  You have more time and money than you know what to spend it on.  Now if you only had a cool ride to spend some of that hard earned cash!  Well John Gladden of the Glendale California was feeling  that way and after making airplane parts in his factory for the war effort he was ready to return to his first love, Motorcycles!  He decide the best bike to build was a smaller motorcycle for those who already know how to ride a scooter but weren’t ready for a full sized machine.  This gave birth to the “Colt”.   The bike was to be powered by a 125cc “Villers” two-stroke Single. Only a  few of these machines were produced due to the limited productions of the “Villers” engine .

The  “model 2” Mustang which came at the end of 1947,  featured a 3 speed transmission, 320cc engine, tubular front forks and disk wheels.  Sales were starting to pick up and the little bike could be found racing from  the Catalina Grand Prix to the drag strips of southern California.   A couple of   highly modified Mustang’s were turning 90 mph and clocking in the low 12’s.

The little Mustangs days were numbered thou, they continued to sell well into the 1960’s.  Honda soon dominated the market and the last new Mustang was sold in 1965. To learn the complete story of the Mustang go to .

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