Evel Knievel helmet and track suit up for auction

evel knievel auction

The year was 1975 and I was 9 years old. I was sitting in front of a old black and white TV. The knob for changing the channel was broken so we had to use needle nose pliers to change the channels.  Sometimes the picture would get fuzzy so we would send out uncle out to move the antenna to try to get a clearer picture. Most of my family was in the living room that night. My grandparents, my uncle and my brothers heck even a couple of my cousins. All of us waiting, waiting to see a man risk his life jumping 13 full size buses on a red white and blue harley davidson. That man was Evel Knievel.  We all watched as he rode around the buses and up the ramps. taking time to look out over the line of buses.waiting for him to fly over.

evel knievel

Well he did make it over the buses but he landed bad and got thrown from him harley davidson. We watched him lay on the ground in the arena. We held out breath till he stood up and grabbed a microphone and swore that  he would never ever jump another motorcycle again.  We yelled and screamed and jumped around the living room. All of us loving that Evel had cheated death again.

evel knievel sky cycle

From then on our favorite game was replaying the bus jump over and over again. We would all take turns being Evel and pretending to jump over all kinds of things. We pretended it was us in that leather jumpsuit. It was us in that bell helmet. making the big jumps. He was our red white and blue hero.  The man who could do anything. Even when he failed to make the jump he still triumphed in surviving to jump another day.

evel knievel auction

Well now you can own that leather jumpsuit and bell helmet.  the company profiles in history will be auctioning off the evel knievel gear. The helmet alone is expected to bring over $50000. The suit will probably bring twice that amount.  The helmet is the bell helmet that evel was wearing during that crash in 1975. The crash that was seen around the world.  The leather suit is believed to be the last suit he had made before he retired in 1980.

evel knievel bell helmet

So here is your big chance to put on the leather suit and make history as the worlds newest daredevil. All you need is a new red white and blue harley davidson and 15 buses and you can be the next Evel Knievel!

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