Electric Indian scout motorcycle

indian motorcycle electric

Future indian scout?

A future indian motorcycle.  A electric indian? A new concept motorcycle. One thing we never can get enough of here at motorcycleppf is the future of motorcycles. Sure we all love the classics and the present motorcycles. But what really gets me excited is what the future holds for our motorcycles. Will they be electric? Will they be diesel? Or can they be run on natural gas. Only the future knows what is coming our way. Well we have here is a young students idea of what the future of motorcycles is going to be. He has combined the latest fad of electric everything with the classic idea of what a indian motorcycle is.

2014 indian scout electric

The future is electric

As the saying goes, The future is electric. Or so they say. Our young student thinks so and this is his project. His name is Wojtek Bachleda. This is his final semester project.  He wanted to combine the past indian motorcycles with the future. While at the same time he stepped away from what you would think is a classic indian. Like the chief or the scout. Both iconic indian’s. His idea is for a new kind of rider. One that wants the identity of a classic but not tied completely to the past. You can go to the page that has a lot more photos from him project or just enjoy the few I have posted. Either way it is one wild indian motorcycle.

2013 indian motorcycles

No one knows the future of motorcycles. but I really like this design for a future indian board track racer. It is a clean looking motorcycle with lots of potential. I hope to someday take a ride on this motorcycle. Or maybe on one just like it.  Maybe someday you will be able to buy a electric indian!   pictures from derestricted


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