Concept of the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum

harley davidson sturgis

Your looking at the concept drawings for the new Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.   The drawings were recently released to the public at city meeting. A company called Forefront design from rapid city south dakota was hired to draw the concept for a new museum;. The city wanted a new museum to  better represent the heritage of the city of sturgis. They also wanted it to represent the annual rally. The city is trying to make sturgis a year round place to go, instead of just during the annual rally. Along with a new museum they are looking to revitalize the downtown area. They are planning to add new retail locations with some apartments. Then maybe even add a new splash park.harley sturgis rally

The concept  drawings are just the first stage. Now the city is ready to do some feasibility studies. This will help to figure out how long its going to take. How much it is going to cost to change the current downtown area. The current museum first opened in 2001 with a mission of collecting and preserving the history of the city and of the rally. The museum has a gigantic selection of motorcycles dating all the way back to 1908. They also have some Japanese motorcycles also on display. They also have a huge selection of photographs and rally memorabilia.  you can check out the museum online  at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame

harley sturgis

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