City of Sturgis made $400000 last year, wants MORE!

The city of sturgis south dakota made $400000 profit for this years rally. But they want more.  The city of sturgis has dropped its sponsor agent and has opened bids for who want to be the new one.  The current sponsor agent, Motoring USA had doubled the revenue from the previous year.  but the city of sturgis thinks there is more money to be made from the rally. They would like to make the rally a international event. They feel with the exposure the rally got this year shows like “american pickers” and “pawn stars”  That the rally could be making even more money.

sturgis 2013

So with that info in mind the sturgis city council has issued a request for new proposals  from a new sponsoring agent.  sturgis is hoping that by changing the agent. They will expand the appeal of the rally and expand the marketing to make it a international event. The city wants the new sponsoring agent to have a global network to be able to make the change to a international event.  I am sure the fact that the 75th year of the rally is set to happen in just 2 short years. And the city of sturgis is looking to make the most of the 75th year celebration. They are looking to maximize that celebration for everything it is worth! I am already planning to be there myself.

2013 sturgis rally


The deadline for the new proposals is 30 nov 2012. The city of sturgis will be interviewing all companies involved and will be making a decision on the new contract by the end of December. Planning and making the sturgis rally happen each year is a full time job. I am sure the planning and setting up for the rally never stop. Lets hope the city of sturgis makes a great choice on the company that is going to make the rally the best it can be.  What do you think of the plans sturgis has for the rally. tell us in comments below!


see you at sturgis!



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