Can This tank be saved Caswell Epoxy Tank Sealer


Can this motorcycle fuel tank be saved? One of the most common problems on restoring classic and custom motorcycles is dealing with the rust monster.  It has destroyed many tanks over the years. Just the other day a customer brought in a motorcycle tank for a 1989 Harley Davidson Sportster and the tank looked like new on the outside, but on the inside it was taken over by the rust monster.  I told the customer I had just the thing he needed to save that tank.   I handed him this  kit call Caswell Epoxy tank sealer.  I told him follow the simple instructions and his motorcycle tank can be saved!


Caswell makes it easy to save your tank.  The process involves 3 simple steps.  The first step is Preparation, getting the tank ready for the epoxy  it involves some simple cleaning steps to remove as much of the debris as you can.  Step two is mixing the compounds to make the sealer to basically cover everything inside your tank and create a liner that is resistant to most chemicals.  especially resistant to gasoline.  The final and most important step is application.  you need to pour the sealer into your motorcycle tank and keep rotating it to get full coverage.  if it looks like you are not getting enough coverage.  pour some more sealer in there, you need to get a good thick coat to seal that rust monster up in your tank. So it will never come back.   The last thing to do is just let it sit and bake in the sun. It helps to set the epoxy up and make it last forever.

My customer came back a few days later, tank in hand.  He wanted me to check out his work.   He had a nice coating on the inside of his motorcycle tank.  The rust monster had been killed and now he was ready to get his bike back on the road.      What kind of things have you done to fix a rusty tank.  share your success and failures in the comment section.


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  • I use one of those little screws with the washers on it. works great for small holes and fast fixes!