Can indian motorcycles pull off a victory?

2013 indian chief

Indian motorcycle, a iconic brand that has ridden on the coat tails of a motorcycle that was last produced in the 50’s.  The indian chief. There are very few motorcycles as iconic as the indian chief. It style is know the world over. Its designs are still copied to this day. Now in 2013 there is a new chapter that is being written about the Indian chief. 2013 is going to be the last year of the chief that was produced by the IMCA company. This final edition as it is being called, Will be the last one built from the designs of the IMCA.  This very limited edition will be the end for the old Indian. And a chance for the new company now owed by Polaris.

2013 indian chief final edition

The Final edition!

The final edition of the chief is a low production motorcycle. The list price for this model should come around 37000 to 39000 thousand dollars. It is a classically styled indian. But is heavily influenced by harly davidson. The bike still maintains the famous lighted indian head on the front fender. And the scalloped front and rear fenders. The standard two tone paint and classic white wall tires.  IMCA used a standard 105 cubic inch motor that puts out around 60 horses. More than enough to pull you and the wife down the road.

2013 indian chief

Designing the future

The IMCA went out of business in 2003 and the company was taken over by a investment group outta the UK. The bikes the IMCA produced were boring and lacked any refinements. Most people looked at them like a off the shelf harley with indian badges. Hopefully all that has changed as Polaris has bought the company in 2011. Polaris is the company that produces Victory lines of motorcycles. All made in America. So they do have some experience with building some awesome v-twin motorcycles.

2013 indian chief

Victory Indian Chief

Polaris has bought a iconic motorcycle that is know the world over. Can they do the name justice? Can they design a motorcycle that is inspired from the past but is a motorcycle of the future? They should already know that the customer doesn’t want a another warmed up harley v-twin with a indian head mounted on the front fender. We want a chief that will set the style for the next 60 years. Not one that sets us back 60 years. What would you like to see in the new victory indian chief?   tell us in the comments



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    I love the styling of the old indian chiefs, it will be a sad day if they stop making the retro looking indian chief, which, in my opinion is the soul of the company. If I wanted something new and different id get a victory.