Buy a custom SOA harley davidson NOW!

Sons of Anarchy. SOA outlaw motorcycle gang of southern california. Bad guys with the hearts of gold.  Whatever it is about the show you love.  The one thing we all can agree on is that they ride some of the best motorcycles ever made! Harley Davidsons, The baddest motorcycles ever to run down the rode.  You just know that if you had a motorcycle like the men on SOA you too would be the baddest good guy to ever roam the streets. Well Bartel’s harley davidson in marina del ray, caifornia has something for you.They have made a super deal with FX.They have gotten the rights to build 100 of the motorcycles you have been dying to ride.

SOA harley davidson custom

Bartels is producing 100 of these SOA inspired motorcycles. These motorcycles have a custom paint job and custom hand built tank. The motorcycle also has custom SOA tank badges and seat covers.  A very limited edition motorcycle that can only be found at the Bartels shop.  They are asking $25000 for these one of a kind motorcycles. They went on sale in August during Sturgis and will be on sale till the last one is sold. Here is your chance to own a piece of the show.  I am sure that as the show gets more and more popular. The prices on these rare collectibles will go up and up. So rush on down or go online and order your own Custom Sons of Anarchy motorcycle.

soa halrey custom




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