Bond rides a Honda CRF250R in the new Skyfall

honda and skyfall crf 250r


Bond, James Bond. The new James Bond flick comes out and its names is “skyfall“. Everyone thinks the star of the movie is Daniel Craig.  but here at motorcycleppf we know the real star is the new honda  crf 250r.  Honda has made a awesome motorcycle and the producers of skyfall knew that when they selected it to do the motorcycle stunts for the movie. Yep real stunts, not CGI. Real people riding real motorcycles. Jumping over trains and riding on roofs of houses.  Check out the new video that honda posted about how they made the new crf250r the star of the new movie skyfall!

The Bond in Motion exhibit at the Nation motor museum in the UK, has two of the twenty honda crf250r that was used in the movie.  These motorcycles were used in the opening scenes of Skyfall.  The crf250r were shot doing stunts on location in Istanbul, Turkey.  The motorcycles were used for the police motorcycles in Turkey and a street merchants motorcycle for the scene.

2013 crf 250r skyfall

Twenty crf250r machines were modified and made up to look like local motorcycles.  One is a Turkish police motorcycle and the other ridden by Bond is a merchants motorcycles. The scene involves a very high speed chase through the street and rooftops of the city.  The production also used two crf450r as HD camera chase vehicles to capture all the thrills and spills of the chase.   Gary Powell the chief stunt coordinator for the chase chose the honda crf250r for their high quality and performance. Even while highly made up to look like Turkish motorcycles. Gary says the honda crf250r are probably the best off road motorcycles out there. He is glad they were able to team up with honda to make the best opening scenes in the new James Bond movie.

honda crf250r skyfall

The new James bond flick Skyfall opens on Nov 7th, 2012. It is the 23rd bond movie. They are saying it is the best bond movie. I am sure it has a lot to do with the new crf250r! So go out this weekend and check out the new bond flick and tell us what you thought of the Honda they used in the movie.

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