Board track racer recreating history

custom motorcycle derringer

The roaring 20’s. The world was changing. The automobile was replacing the horse and buggies. Motorcycles and motorized bikes were replacing bicycles. And like everything in life people were finding ways to race these new motorcycles.  They called it board track racing. The tracks were based from the european “velodromes”.  The places were they would race bicycles around a wooden track.  The tracks would have high banked walls sometimes up to 60 degrees.  The first board track for motorcycle racing was in Los Angeles. It was called the Motordome. It was a very fast motorcycle board track. Sometimes the speeds would be over 100 miles a hour.

custom motorcycle

This is a derringer recreation of a motorcycle board track racer. It was built by Adrian Van Anz. He is trying to recreate the race bikes of the 10’s and 20’s. Some of the specs for these motorcycles are from his website.


Overhead valve 4-stroke engine displacing 49cc, CARB and EURO 2 emission compliance, up to 180 mpg depending on usage. EZ-Start® Recoil


GGB gearbox with centrifugal clutch and freewheel, Freewheel allows pedals to remain stationary while driven via engine


70mm drum front brake, coaster style rear brake.


Length: 70″
Width: 24″ (Board Track Style Handlebars)
Seat Height: Varies by saddle and seatpost type
Wheel Diameter: 26″
Bar Height At Stem: 36″

This recreation of a board track motorcycle racer can be purchased at These are museum quality bikes with modern power plants for the most reliable motorcycle out there.  Also the best looking show bike on the stage.

custom motorcycle

Board track motorcycle racing lasted for 20 years. It was one of the most dangerous motorcycle events ever. Both for the racer and the spectator. The motorcycles had no suspension and no brakes.  More people were killed watching the races. Then people actually racing the bikes. The incredible g-forces created during the race had the tendency to throw the motorcycle into the crowd. Who were watching from the top edge of the track.

How times have changed. Now days the most dangerous thing we do is step into the shower.  but that doesn’t include us who throw our legs over our motorcycles and go out to get a few thrills racing around our mountains and back roads.  There is a little bit of a board track racer in all of us!




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